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I love to tell stories with my photographs, to capture the little and big moments and to preserve them so you can look at them again and again and relive the moment.
I tell stories with light and series of images and I want you to feel beautiful and find yourself in my photographs.
So jump over to the magazine to have a look at some of the stories and things I have to tell. It is a pleasure to have you here…

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About Me

I am crazy for dogs, they are the love of my life…and I love to travel and explore new places. I am an engineer for architecture. And I am extremely lucky to be living my dream and living partly in Germany and Australia which has always been an idea in my head and I still can’t believe it’s true…But here I am, flying between two continents and very happy!
I am one of the many wedding photographers out there and I have a weakness for special moments and good design.
It is lovely to have you visiting here…I would love to share some photos with you!

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The guidebook is a little booklet I wrote which gives you a bit of information on your photo shoot. It’s about engagement shoots, how to dress best for it and what location to pick best for your shoot. It’s there, to make your session as good as possible for you and to make it truly about you.
It tells you about rainy days and how not to worry.
And it gives you some useful tips about your wedding photography, too…

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