10 amazing spots for engagement photos in and around Melbourne

Like with pretty much everything else these days, there are so many options to consider when you want to have your engagement photos taken!
Who is going to be your photographer for your engagement session? (sooo many options, I am only one of them…)
What do you wear? (There is some insight on this in my guidebook…)
And where do you want your photos taken?
Over the last couple of years, I have shot a lot of engagement and In Love Sessions in and around Melbourne and I thought I might share my knowledge and insights with you…
So below I have collected my favourite 10 location ideas for engagement photo shoots in the Greater Melbourne Region:

1. Explore the hidden gems and graffiti of Collingwood and Fitzroy with your wedding photographer

Collingwood and Fitzroy are such character filled and ever changing suburbs of Melbourne, they are perfect for a little photo walk to take your engagement photos. I love it, when photos have the feeling of exploration in your couple photos and a walk through the creative and buzzing areas of Melbourne are definitely always worthwhile! There are new graffiti and artwork popping up every day, which will give us the perfect backgrounds for photos!
And also, we can always stop have a drink or coffee in one of the vibrant cafes and bars in the area which is perfect to take some different photos, too!

2. Take a walk along the beautiful St. Kilda Pier at sunset

The historical Pier in St. Kilda is always a lovely spot to visit for sunset…the views over the city are just stunning and if you don’t follow the masses who are visiting the penguins, there are definitely lovely little areas of the pier where you can actually enjoy the views and tranquillity of the bay in peace and quiet. This spot has so much character if you walk a little off the beaten track, it’s perfect for engagement photos!

3. Travel to the Mornington Peninsula for your In Love Session

The Mornington Peninsula has so much to offer…the beautiful and soft beaches of the bay, lovely bushwalks and the wild and stunning back beaches are only a few things that I love about the Peninsula.
It’s a great spot if you want to travel out of the city for your engagement photos and there are countless beautiful locations!
I have photographed hikes and Adventure In Love Sessions, stormy pre-wedding-photoshoots and peaceful weddings down at the Mornington Peninsula and I can promise you together we will find the perfect location for your engagement photos in beautiful nature down there!

4. Have your engagement photos taken at home

It is such a lovely and intimate way to create your engagement photos to have them taken at your home. Your home is a place you feel comfortable and relaxed in and that will be reflected in the photos, too…

In Love Session that are shot at home are always very intimate and special are in my eyes and also they are not to reproduce for anybody else. These couple shots will tell your personal story and nobody else’s and they will always take you back to everything else you connect with your place.

Also – if you’ve got a pet(s), they can be involved at home, too – isn’t that perfect? And what better place is there than your couch for a nice and relaxed cuddle with your love?!

5. Take your wedding photographer for a stroll through your favourite park

If you’ve got a favourite park where you often go for walks as a couple or meet for picnics with friends – this is a pretty good location for your engagement photos, too!
I do like it a lot if a photo location tells something about the couple and having your engagement photos taken at your favourite park just adds so much to the story…

Whenever you’ll look back at the photos we’ve created there, you will connect with everything else, that has happened there, too and that just makes your couple photos more personal than a randomly picked location.

6. Involve your dog in your engagement session and take him to the dog beach!

If you have a dog, get them on board for your photo shoot!! I looove taking engagement photos with the fur babies in there =) Your dog is an important family member, too, so he/she should be involved! And what’s better than a walk on the dog beach? There are so many beautiful dog beaches in Melbourne and they are perfect to take couple portraits, too…the light at the bay in the evenings is just beautiful!
St. Kilda West Beach, Brighton Dog Beach and Port Melbourne Dog beach are only a few ones and driving out to Whites Beach, Torquay is definitely always an option for happy-paws and happy couples! And there are so many more amazing locations your doggo can go for a swim in the area and most of them are pretty amazing to take your engagement photos in and around Melbourne, too!

(Ally & Ben with Chester and Dale & Ashley with Xena explored Melbourne’s dog beaches with me, too…)

7. Explore the Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges are only about a 45 minute drive away from the city and they offer spectacular backgrounds for photos! I love the wide and open views you get in some of the areas and also the trees, they are just so beautiful! For the lovely engagement session below we went trough a beautiful property which was just made for it…
It’s definitely worth going out there for a some exploring and after the photo session there are beautiful spots for a romantic dinner, too!

8. Enjoy the view and sunset at the You Yangs

Oh those You Yangs! They are a series of granite ridges between Melbourne and Geelong and summer sunsets over there can get quite breath-taking…like that time I shot Jordan’s and Jasmyn’s engagement photos there 😉 The You Yang National Park offers some nice walks, beautiful views and countless amazing locations for our photo shoot!

And why not finish the engagement photo session off with a picnic?

9. Go for a walk on your favourite beach

The location chosen for your engagement photos doesn’t have to be spectacular and dramatic…it also is so wonderful, if we take your couple photos at a meaningful place, at a place that has history for you as a couple!

If you live close to the bay and you usually pop down to the beach… how about we go for a walk along your favourite beach or your house beach for your engagement photo shoot? You will always look back at your couple photos and remember not only the walk we’ve done during that photo shoot but all the walks you took there as a couple before and after, too!
Vanessa and Guy showed me their favourite beach when we took their engagement photos and it was lovely!

This are Guy and Vanessa at their favourite beach:


10. Enjoy the morning mood at Brighton Beach

Sunrise photo sessions can be something beautiful and amazing – mainly because of course, a) the light is lovely, but also b) most people are still asleep! So when I get asked about a photo shoot at Brighton Beach with the Bathing Boxes I usually try to avoid going there in the evening and for sunset because usually the beach get’s quite crowded there… BUT this is the perfect spot for a sunrise session! It is so lovely to see the swimmers go out for their morning swim and you usually got the beach to yourselves – so it’s perfect for engagement photos!

(Here is Ally and Ben’s full In Love Session…)

Maria Luise Bauer – Engagement Photos Melbourne

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