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Adventure In Love Sessions…

Agnes and Roderick came all the way from China to explore beautiful Iceland. They are getting married this year and decided to have their pre-wedding-photos taken in Iceland.

When they contacted me we set up a skype and talked about what we could do…to be honest I am not a photographer for traditional pre-wedding-photos and I explained my approach to Agnes and thankfully she loved it.

Last year I created the concept for Adventure In Love Sessions:
They are perfect for any sort of couple photos and I shoot them all around the world, but most often in Iceland and Australia…and quite often we create pre-wedding-photos during these sessions. An adventure In Love Session isn’t your ordinary couple shoot…they take around 6-10 hours and instead of taking photos for 6-10 hours straight we also do some exploring together. This gets you to experience the day as an adventure and to look at your holiday destination in a whole different way! I show you places, you would’ve probably never gone to by yourselves and we wander away from the traditional touristy paths. Of course, we develop the plan for our Adventure In Love Session together: we set up a Skype session and talk about what you like as a couple and I show you a few options to spend the day together…
We hike to new places and go exploring together. I always scout our tours in advance and have a good knowledge of the area so it is all well organised… And after a nice hike we have a picnic or go out for a nice lunch…to relax and take in all the memories made. And to be ready for a little afternoon adventure, too =)
When I am booked for Adventure In Love Sessions I want to take you on an adventure. It’s my goal to create photos for you that mean something and that will tell the story of a day we spent together. All my Adventure In Love Sessions start at sunrise so we can make use of the most beautiful light and we’re up before everybody else…

So, Agnes, Roderick and I met up early in the morning, just before sunrise and hiked to a natural hot spring. On the way, we passed several amazing views and locations and stopped again and again for photos. After a few hours, we reached the hot springs and had a relaxing break, sitting in the natural hot water and taking in the beautiful Icelandic landscape…
Later on, we hiked down the mountain again, had some lunch and went for a drive to Vik, to the Black Sand Beach, where we were greeted by wonderful weather and the usual strong winds…we explored the beach together, fought the winds and had a an amazing time…

And yes – these two unfortunately got soaked in the waves but I am sure that’ll be a moment they’ll forever remember and it definitely made us laugh!

Iceland Adventure Photo Sessions are very dear to my heart and I am glad that A & R came on this adventure with me and trusted me to capture their love!

icelandic landscape-hot-springs-steam-geothermal-springs-sunrise-hike-hot-river

Pre-Wedding-Photos Iceland  

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