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Hello, meet your photographer...

I’m Maria and am a hopeless dog lover and excited traveler.
I was born in Eastern Germany, studied in Karlsruhe which is close to the French boarder and where I’ve found my love for éclairs, lived in Australia 2010-2013 and I nowadays I am extremely lucky to be living my dream of living partly in Germany and Australia which has always been an idea in my head and I still can’t believe it’s true…But here I am, flying between two continents and very happy about it!

I totally adore my dogs and yes – you could say I am a bit of a dog fanatic…Bino is a rescue dog and I fostered him for a year until I finished my studies. After I was sure I’d be able to give him a good life as long as he is with me, I adopted him. And Lana came to my life as a puppy in 2016.

When I am on holidays and I find a homeless dog I usually want to take it home and someone has to convince me that I cannot save the life of all dogs. Otherwise I’d be the crazy dog person one day.
Seeing a puppy makes me always “aaaawwww” – but who doesn’t?

My love for travels and exploring new places is perfectly accompanied by my old Landrover which is my home for many of my travels. Being camping with the Landy makes me happy and feel free.

Making the decision to become a professional photographer was one of the best things which I’ve ever done. This isn’t just a job for me – it is my life and I do it with passion. I honestly was never as happy about my work before as I am now…

Years ago I dreamt of studying photography  at an art school but my parents convinced me to study “something reasonable”…and I went another path. By now I am glad for the little detour I took as it gave me another perspective onto photography.
I have studied architecture and am an engineer, Dipl. Ing. Architecture – if anybody is interested in fancy degrees =)


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As a wedding photographer I want to be so much more than just another vendor at your wedding or somebody who documents your day.
I care to get to know you, I love to get to know what you love and what makes you laugh…I like sharing the little things and I want you to feel like a good friend has arrived when I start working on your wedding day. I do my best to just be “Maria” at the wedding not “the photographer” who scares everybody with the big black box. I am mingling around and pretty much just a part of the wedding party. This way I capture the most natural and honest moments and your photos get true memories of a wonderful day.

My path from working as a waitress, living abroad for years, studying architecture, working with designers, photographing for newspapers and being a wedding photographer has formed my point of view. This is what makes me see the beauty of special moments and in people through my lens.

I always loved to document family events or travels with my photos. Back in school days I returned from every trip with dozens of film rolls to develop myself in the darkroom in our basement.
Telling stories with photos was always something special for me and it appealed to me much more than writing the stories. I love to draw a story board with light and images and to present them in a boutique album.


Here is my image film and a few videos for you to watch, so you can get to know me better…I cannot wait to get to know you! If you want to get in touch, create photos or just have a chat – just send me a message…I would love to hear from you.


Oh and all the photos of myself and Bino on here are taken by my friend and colleague Daniel Köhler, thank you!



Here are a couple of private blogposts, so you can get to know me even better…