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Family and Lifestyle Photography

I really enjoy creating portraits for people. To preserve family moments forever on images, to document a growing family or to capture what is special about a human’s personality in my photos is something I really like.

When taking a family portrait I like to spend some quality time with the family, either in their home or during a nice day outside. I love it to capture the family candid and in normal family moments and their day to day routine. In my opinion this is the best way to preserve the memories as it puts pictures to moments of their family life.

For lifestyle portraits I do what I do whenever I work with people, too. I do my best to capture your personality and make you feel beautiful.
I know, it is not easy to be in front of a camera of a person you don’t properly know. Don’t we all feel a little bit stiff in front of a camera? That is why I take my time to get you to know…we’ll talk and have a good time. And with light and photos I’ll capture your portrait and the real you.