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Family Photographer Mainz

Last year, on a lovely September day I drove to Mainz for a family photo session. Three generations gathered for their family photos: Grandma and granddad, their children and partners and their wonderful and energetic children.

We met up and had coffee & cake at granny’s place and after we all had full tummies and happy faces we went for a walk in the “Mainzer Sand” for some family fun and some natural family photos that tell a story

I shot this family photo session exactly how I like it: unposed and candid! I love documenting a families dynamic and everybody’s character in the photos…pretty much exactly how I capture my wedding documentaries.
Of course, I give a little helping hand with things like “go over there, the light is amazing” or “walk down here, that’s going to make a great composition” BUT I never instruct anybody to stand in a row and smile to the camera as I strongly believe that this completely destroys the moment…I so much rather just have everybody interacting with each other and allow the whole family to enjoy the moment – and by doing this natural family photos are captured =)

Sonja and her family trusted me completely and we all had an amazing afternoon! But have a look yourself…


Family Photographer Mainz, Geramany 

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