Family Session at the Beach in Holland –

A family tradition documented with photos

You may remember Sarah and Christoph from their wedding photos which I’ve posted earlier.

Already a few weeks before their wedding Sarah asked me if I wanted to come to Texel, Holland with them because she wanted to make a special present to her sister who celebrated her birthday shortly after the wedding. Sarah wanted to celebrate both of their weddings with a joined after wedding session at the beaches of Texel. And of course I came!

Before the trip Sarah already told me a lot about her family tradition. She and her family have spent every summer there, so Texel is their traditional summer holiday spot. They love the North Sea and the island so much and it is basically their second home… And because of the big group of loved ones they usually travel with the idea of a family photo session came up and I loved it!

We spent an afternoon at the beautiful Paal 17, where they traditionally rent a little beach house and spend the days by the sea.

Sarah and Christoph, her sister and husband, their mom, the lovely grandmother and Sarah’s uncle and his family and their lovely puppy! We laughed a lot, didn’t worry about the upcoming storm and I enjoyed spending time with this positive and happy family.

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