I’m Maria and these are a few of my favourite things:

… My dogs. I am a crazy dog lady, they mean the world to me (I might have mentioned that about 20 times already)
… Sunshine, summer and beaches – I like all of these three things, they are even better when combined.
… A good gin and tonic – I enjoy a good gin and tonic very much and never get tired of trying new combinations with the right botanicals.
… Australia. My heart is definitely set in this country and I am lucky to spend January-April there every year.
… Exploring the rest of the world – travelling makes me extremely happy and is a massive part of my life.

I was brought up quite traditionally and always had the urge to follow my own ideas…after school I did “the right thing” and studied architecture. After a few years I felt like I urgently needed a break. I booked a one way ticket to Australia, came to travel, found a job, met someone, extended my visa, stayed longer and only flew back to Germany to graduate and become and architectural engineer. My plan was to quickly graduate in 2 years and to return to Australia.

But…after being back in Germany I had my first foster dog failure: I adopted Bino, my English Pointer. Not long after, I met Ingo, who is now my husband…you know how it is: once you fall in love… So I stayed.

Ingo motivated me to give up my 9-5 job to work as a full-time photographer and everything you can see here started…

A few years later I took Ingo to Australia… and everything came back! All the love I have for this country – and we decided to try the long-distance-relationship thing…and Melbourne became a bigger part of my life again.

As a passionate traveller I am extremely happy to have a beautiful, grumpy old Landrover Defender in Germany and an old and slow Toyota Landcruiser down in Australia by my side. I love it to just hop in there, start driving, not knowing where I’ll be at night. To just stop where my heart tells me to and to travel at my own pace. When travelling I enjoy it most to listen to my heart and not having to follow a set plan.

I spend a good part of every year in Australia and I am quite connected to this incredibly beautiful country.

But I am also extremely lucky to explore many parts of the world with my amazing couples who trust me to document their wedding day. In 2018 I have also been to Italy, Switzerland, America, Austria, Iceland, Bali, Spain, France and many more amazing spots on this beautiful world…

When I photograph I always want to capture the moment and yet I still want to create a unique and creative image… This is why I approach each and every couple who trusts me to document their wedding and love with a fresh mind. I never want to follow stereotypes and I always make sure, I create a very special body of work for every wedding.
My style is modern and unposed. Perfectly styled situations are definitely not what you will get if you book me. I want to capture the moments as they happen and to dive into the energy of every moment to capture it raw and emotionally honest in my images. I always make sure to capture the whole story and to deliver a series of images to you, which make you travel back to your wedding whenever you look at your photos of this big day.

I cannot wait to get to know you! If you want to get in touch, create some magic together or just have a coffee – just send me a message…I’d love to hear from you.

By the way, I am available for bookings in Australia January to April every year.


And because images say more than many words, here is a little video to show you who I am:



The video was done by my amazing husband and all the photos on this page are taken by my friend and colleague Roberto Panciatici, thanks Rob!



Here are a couple of private blogposts, so you can get to know me even better…