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Five steps to find your perfect wedding photographer

When we thought about “our” wedding photographer we never limited the search to a location…we searched for someone who had a style of photography and an eye for moments that resonated with us. And we always wanted “our” photographer to be a person we would be friends with, too. He or she were never meant to only be a vendor at our wedding, we rather saw the photographer as part of the deal and an important human who’s part of the whole experience, too.

I don’t know how long ago it was, but back in the days I caught up with my Oli, who isn’t only an excellent human being but also a super talented magician with his camera (Briars Atlas wedding photography). Ingo and I both are madly in love with his work and I always dreamed about being as pretty as Andrea in these engagement photos… Well, Oli is a magician but in the end his camera takes only pictures, too…so I was pretty aware I would still look like myself BUT we loved his eye for special moments, the contrast and detail in his images and the way he used film and digital to produce images.

So back to catching up with guy…Oli and I sat in a bar in Prahran and had a drink or two and I told him about our engagement and that we wanted to elope. I said something along the lines of “Ingo and I want our elopement to be an amazing couple of days of exploring and we don’t want any friends or family with us when we exchange vows. But we’ll throw a party afterwards!”. And Oli said something like “F*** yeah”. Which made me say “Would you want to shoot our wedding?” And he said “F*** yeah” again.

Done. This is how we/I found our photographer for our Tasmania wedding.

Well – I would say we found the photographer before we knew 100% that we would get married in Tasmania. We just found the right one and Oli and we knew we’d make it work – no matter where the wedding was going to be.

But what do I want to tell you with this story? –I am aware that there are not too many couples out there who are already friends with amazing wedding photographers like Oli Sansom.

I guess the big tip and learning I’d like to pass onto all of you couples out there who are on the hunt for “the right” wedding photographer is the following:

Don’t limit your search to a location, look near and far. And listen to your gut feeling, always listen to that gut!

So first of all…educate yourself about different styles of wedding photography…find out what you as a couple want. Take your time and look at the work of a few photographers…find out what you like about different wedding photos. Do you like them light and airy? Do you want contrast in your images? Do you want posed photos or real moments and candid shots? Do you like them black and white or in colour?

And because you will feel much more comfortable around someone who’s taking photos if you connect with them as a human, I’d always recommend booking someone as your wedding photographer who you’d want to be friends with! I mean, as a wedding photographer we are going to see you half naked and we might listen to your vows and we’ll be around you all day long…you definitely want to connect with your photographer!


So long story short: when you are looking for “the right wedding photographer”, you’ll probably be a little overwhelmed. So here are 5 steps to find your perfect wedding photographer: 
… educate yourself about different styles of wedding photography
… enquire with a photographer, who’s style resonates with you
… get to know your wedding photographer via email/skype/during a personal meeting (whatever works for them)
… don’t limit your choice to a location as most of us are not afraid of getting onto an airplane
… and finally: book someone who vibes with you on a personal level and who’s style of wedding photography blows you away!


And I am crossing my fingers for you to find someone equally amazing as we did for your wedding!

Spoiler alert: We loved Oli’s photos of our Tassie elopement so much that we flew him to Tuscany, too…


Here are some of my favourites from Tassie:

An Elopement in Tasmania – wedding photographer Tasmania

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