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Eloping in Tasmania

Ingo and I decided pretty quickly that we want to elope and give our vows to each other in privacy…I told you about the first steps of our wedding planning last week…

Like with everything related to our wedding planning we wanted to keep things as easy as possible for the elopement planning. So we started off with a simple question:
Where would we want the elopement to happen?

I always dreamed about getting married in Australia as this is the place that feels like home to me…I am so connected to this country and it is so dear to my heart that I never really thought about another place. And as Ingo loves it too, right from his first visit, the continent was at least set pretty quickly.
Two years before our engagement we had travelled Australia quite extensively…Western Australia, parts of the Northern Territory, Melbourne and Tasmania…so our two options for “where” we would elope were a), a place we enjoyed a lot during our travels or b), somewhere new.
We decided pretty quickly for option a, as this seemed to be the less stressful way to plan the elopement. We spoke a lot about our travels and came to the conclusion, that the place we enjoyed both equally was Tasmania.

So one tip we can give to all couples out there, who are trying to work out where they will elope is: Keep it easy and go with your gut feeling!

The exact location for our elopement was found pretty easy, too…on our last Tasmania trip we camped most of the time but for one night we spoiled ourselves and stayed at an absolute dream location: The Pumphouse Point at Lake St Clair in Central Tasmania. We both loved this place, the landscape at the lake, the views it offers and the design of the hotel are absolutely unique and wonderful! So we did the same again: We relied on our gut feeling and decided that we would stay at Pumphouse Point for our elopement.
I will tell you more about this amazing place next week =)

And again – overthinking and going through a hundred options will only make your wedding planning a bit more stressful than the process already is. The best recommendation I can give to any couple is to always keep it simple and to never open up too many possibilities as their will only overcomplicate the process. In the end an elopement is about two people who are in love with each other and want to commit to each other, it is about time spent together, a memory you are creating together and something you will carry in your hearts forever. All that matters is that the two of you are there!


And to get you in the mood for Tasmania, here are some photos from our first trip there in 2015:


Wedding Photographer Tasmania

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