guidebook for good wedding and engagement photos-couple shoot-what to war for your photo shoot

A Handbook for Your Couple Shoot

The guidebook is a little booklet I wrote which gives you a bit of information on your photo shoot. It’s about engagement shoots, how to dress best for it and what location to pick best for your shoot. It’s there, to make your session as good as possible for you and to make it truly about you.

It tells you about rainy days and how not to worry.
And it gives you some useful tips about your wedding photography, too…

It includes details like “When should I contact you for a booking?”, or the solution to “I have no idea what to wear.” and “What will we do?”. It is there to help you out with questions and to inspire you for your shoot.

I love to get some ideas from you for your photos too, to get as much of yourself in the photos as possible. The guidebook will explain some of this…

And after all, I would love to meet you so we can create some beautiful photos.