How I found the perfect wedding dress… –

A modern romantic wedding dress made by elfenkleid

I know…it is always a big deal for a bride to find her dress…but I was kind of lucky, as I obviously deal much more with wedding topics and I already know quite a few dressmakers and designer for wedding gowns before we were engaged. (See my post about Georgia Young Couture over here…)

So like with everything in our wedding planning I did want to keep the “picking the wedding dress” process as simple as possible for me as I wanted to avoid any unnecessary stress.

My first go-to dressmaker was “elfenkleid”. Having known these girls now for about 5 years and I have worked for them quite often already, so I knew I like their approach, designs and values.
Not many people talk about it when it comes to weddings – but I only wanted to work with people who share similar values to mine. I did not want to get a dress that was made in Asia and I was prepared that a dress that is made in fair conditions from people who are paid fairly and life in good conditions would possibly cost more.
Knowing this and knowing how much I resonated with elfenkleid from the first time we worked together made it pretty easy for me to know where I was going to try my first wedding dresses on.

So I drove to Munich and tried quite a few of the dresses in the showroom on…The first dress I tried was *diamond* a wonderful dress which I had taken photos of before…and what can I say, I fell in love with it right away!

I still tired on another 5 or 6 dresses but none of them made me feel as happy as the first one so I trusted my gut feeling and decided that this was going to be my wedding dress!

I know, many brides do the fitting for their dress with friends and or family…I did it all by myself. Well, not all by myself…Lana and Bino were there with me and they were the perfect company! I didn’t go by myself because I had nobody who wanted to join me, but rather because I wanted to make the decision for my wedding dress all by myself. I know if I had the opinion of others there (and even though my girls know me well we do all have our own taste…), I would probably have gotten side tracked or at least I would not have listened to my gut feeling right away…

With the help of the girls at elfenkleid – and they know so well what suits every bride – I made my decision just by myself and it was perfect.
This also meant that I could surprise everyone with what my wedding dress looked like!

But before the surprise moment there were another 4 fittings to get my dream wedding dresss made to measure with all the adjustments I wanted and needed…

wedding dress shopping munich-elfenkleid-fair fashion wedding gown-
wedding dress shopping munich-elfenkleid-fair fashion wedding gown-
wedding dress shopping munich-elfenkleid-fair fashion wedding gown-
wedding dress shopping munich-elfenkleid-fair fashion wedding gown-

By the way…the images above are shot by Oli Sansom (well not the phone snaps of me trying on the dress…)


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