Life with a Puppy XII –

Berlin and Hamburg with dogs, playtime at the Elbstrand

Hello together =)

Well I seem to get into this fortnightly blogging habit about our dogs and especially Lana, the bulldog puppy, quite well…
The last weeks have been full of travelling and definitely not boring…I just did my books and saw that I have done about 5000 km of driving in July…well, I guess August is not going to be any less!

Last week I have been gone for most of the week as I had an amazing job in Holland, on the island Texel, which would have been nice with the dogs, too but looking at the fact that I had to drive to Berlin straight after made the drive to Holland very little appealing and the plane ride looked oh so nice. So the dogs stayed home with Ingo and our lovely dog walker. Lana has never been without me over night and she didn’t seem to care too much and Bino was his usual sooky self – my big sad seal-teddy-bear-wet-nosed-favourite. I guess that’s never going to change.

Right after my return on Thursday we packed the car again for a trip to Berlin where we visited friends, I had a few jobs to do and we worked on my new image film video. And because we all love driving so much, Ingo, myself, Ralph and Alexa and the dogs jumped in the car again on Saturday to drive up to Hamburg where we caught up with a lovely friend we all met in Melbourne and a friend of mine from university.

Lana spent her first night in a hotel without a dog box and slept on her dog bed like a grown up dog…well apart from a “little” vomit attack at 6 in the morning…otherwise it would’ve been too boring I guess 😉 But at least she didn’t pick the carpet but the easy to wipe off part of the floor – I am only wondering if this was her smartness or laziness to move!?

Both of the dogs love the Elbstrand at Strandperle so much! The sand to run around was so much fun and there were so many lovely other dogs. By the way – Lana decided she wants a pet, too. A pug, please…she fell totally in love with a tiny little pup girl, it was hilarious!

Back in Berlin we worked on the image film, Lana tried to be a movie star and got her feet wet in a lake. Nothing too exciting but yet not boring.

Our “little” puppy is growing into a beautiful girl and she is well behaved most of the time.

Here are some photos of the last two weeks:


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