Life with a puppy XII –

About busy work schedules with dogs...

I know…it has been a while since my last blogpost about the dogs. There’s no other or better excuse than: I am super busy and just couldn’t get around to it…and sometimes it is quite relaxing for me to leave the house for a dog walk without my camera and to just to enjoy the time with my two fur babies.

Nevertheless me being busy doesn’t mean the dogs don’t get to have fun…I still see that I manage for them to have one or two play dates with friends or new dogs and me being on weddings also means they get to visit friends… Lana is being an absolute amazing dog. A few days on the long leash have worked wonders an she is for her age really well behaved. We’re waiting for the teenager days though…let’s see what’s in there for us!

She has improved (or lost) her “I eat everything that crosses my path” behaviour and nowadays she only eats some of the crap along the way like horse poo, dried frogs or other lovely surprises. She even figured it might be better to bring the stuff she picks up to me to trade it for a treat out of my pocket…most of the time. She totally has made her way into our hearts and in weak moments Bino is cuddling with her, too… And her first grown up collar arrived this week!

But enough talking…here are some photos of our last weeks, Lanas week 21, 22 and 23…:

The heading for 90% of the photos could be “Lana and friends”…she jumped around in Innsbruck, Austria with Mocca and Angel, played with Chiara at the river Enz and enjoyed a play with Suna at home in Nussdorf and in-between there were cuddles at home…  We really hope she’ll stay as well socialised as she is now and she’ll never loose her positive temper with dogs in every size, breed and color. It truly makes every heart jump to see her happiness.

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