2017 – a Year in Review

I started into 2017 in Portugal and this might have been an omen for what was ahead of me…the year was filled with travels and new places that had to be explored. I travelled much more than I ever did before and I enjoyed every second of it.

In 2017 I captured weddings and couples in Australia, Bali, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, in Iceland, Italy and Spain and I am definitely missing some countries in this list here…but the point is: My job allowed me to explore so many beautiful corners of this world and I am extremely grateful for it. OK, let’s not get carried away with the “omg, this sounds amazing” wave…it was also extremely tiring and exhausting and as much as I love all the travels I sometimes wished for an extra day at home, or maybe even a few more. Don’t read this as a complaint…read it rather as a real-life statement.

So I definitely learned to cherish the time at home with my puppies much more than I ever did before…they definitely manage to make me smile whenever I look at them…

And I started to learn new things again…I learned to surf, I started to do yoga on a disciplined regular basis and I am now proud owner of a guitar and I’ll learn to play that baby.

Oh and I have finished off the year with a fantastic workshop in Denmark (See. Feel. Create. Workshop in Rømø) which gave some well needed inspiration and a new idea for 2018…it does feel like some exciting changes might come up…

But enough of the reading, come with me and let’s do some time-travelling through 2017…

Love and hugs to everybody who’s encouraged and motivated me during this year and a massive thank you to all my amazing couples and clients <3


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