Australia Road Trip 2015/16 –

An Amazing Holiday in the Land Down Under

I did update you already on my old blog about our travels through Australia…

After our return I spent quite some time with the holiday video. We brought home so many amazing images and sequences and we could have made a film for you guys. But as we all have a short attention span and even though the images were all so pretty and of amazing landscapes we still made a short film to take you down to Australia for a bit…

We had such an amazing time on our holiday and I think I am not lying when I say neither Ingo nor I had ever experienced soooo many different things in only a bit more than 5 weeks.
I dreamed of going back to Australia for quite some time (after I lived there for nearly 3 years) as I had so many things left on my list. I badly wanted to see the west coast, Uluru and Tassie…and we have done it all which was one of the best trips I have done so far!

In 5.5 weeks we did a road trip down the coast of WA, sat in 9 airplanes and 1 helicopter, drove 9.500 kilometres in a 4WD and rental cars, swam with manta rays, saw many dolphins, hiked a lot, saw countless kangaroos and took selfies with one of them, spottet turtles mating and laying eggs, met many of my amazing friends and made new friends, too and if you ask me I would’ve stayed, too…(if my dog wouldn’t be of course…we did miss him heaps, too…)

But now come and enjoy some Aussie summer feeling with us and enjoy our road trip through the land down under!

Nat, Leon, Nicole, Silke, Tony, Amelie, Conny, Claire, Mark, Erv, Laura, Honey, Harley, Sid…and everybody else who I might’ve forgotten: Thank you so much for an amazing time!



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