Some Say It’s Only a Dog… –

My Furry Best Friend

Some say he is only a dog…but for me Bino is much more than only a dog. He is my friend and partner with paws. I got Bino in a pretty difficult time of my life and he helped me through a lot of tough shit. And yes – he obviously had his problems too. He is a rescue dog from a hunter in Greece and was psychologically a difficult dog when I got him – he wasn’t angry or so, no, he was rather afraid of a lot of things and most of all humans. He would wet himself so many times because he was afraid or too happy… I put a lot of training and love into showing him how amazing a dogs life can be once you find “your” owner. He learned that I don’t die over night but sleep in my bed and even though he is still happy in the morning it is no drama anymore when I get up. And he knows a “no” doesn’t kill him or make me hit him – he trusts me now.
Out of all the (six) dogs I owned so far I never bonded with any of them as much as I did with Bino. He made me get up every morning in the most difficult times of my life and gave me a reason to smile whenever I was sad.

And now he is my furry best friend. My buddy and all time favourite. And yes he is a dog. And yes I know these lines might sound strange to non-dog-people. I am not a weirdo – I only love my dog.

Seeing him age and knowing he is an old gentleman now makes me sometimes sad as I know he will not be with me forever – and I can simply not imagine how I would feel without him. He is like a piece of myself and such a big part of my life.
And from time to time I get sentimental moments when I just want to hug him forever and as much as I can…so he cannot leave…They make me sad and happy at the same time because then I realise how happy I am to have such an amazing dog but I also see him getting grey and old…I don’t know how old he is and I try not to think about it. I only hope he’ll be on our side for much longer…

A few days ago a friend captured Bino and myself when we were snuggled up and these pictures mean the world to me. For me they tell more than a thousands words and I know I will cherish them forever because Bino is really special to me.


Oh and on a side note…Bino will be a big brother in a few days…exciting times…


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8 thoughts on “Some Say It’s Only a Dog…

  1. So so rührend, Deine Worte und die Bilder dazu… danke fürs teilen, ich kann jedes Wort so gut nachvollziehen.

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