Three Generation Family Portraits –

A great afternoon walk with the whole family

Verena and I got to know each other because she makes very nice bracelets (look here: Oh Happy Hippie…) and we worked together on a shoot. Shortly after having met Verena I got a super lovely email from her, saying that she and her family loved my work so much they wanted to book me for a family session… It was so nice and I was very much looking forward to meet the whole family as their words about my work meant so much to me!

Summing the family session I had with these nine amazing people up I could just say: everything that has to do with this shoot was nice and warm – I am quite in love with the great family! I rarely documented so much fun and joy and not even the slightest bit of any stress in a family session like this.

Because – as you all know – I love to photograph people in their “natural environment”, so that the photos get unposed and everybody feels relaxed, I met them all at home then we went for a walk. Everybody out of this three generation constellation has laughed a lot in front of my camera and we had a great time. And then Pia has got a surprise out of her  hat (well, more car): F-A-M-I-L-Y balloons!

I love the results of this family session very much, because after a short time of getting to know me and learning to relax in front of my camera everybody pretty much saw me as a part of the whole constellation and it was such a pleasure for me to document the vibes in this amazing family.

Thank you for your trust in my work and the beautiful time together!

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