A Lovely DIY Wedding in Bavaria –

Two brides saying I do at the Lake Constance

Yasmin, Petra and myself pretty much were like friends from the first email they send me. It was so open and so honest that I absolutely right from the start wanted to photograph their wedding day… They emailed me, we spoke on the phone and they booked me…

I was with Yasmin when she chose her wedding dress and they followed my recommendation and got their rings made by my wonderful friend Michael Roemer who made the perfect wedding bands for them…

And the wedding day itself was wonderful! These two wonderful women have put so much thought and love into every detail of their wedding day, it was amazing!

The ceremony was held in Lindau at the Lake Constance as this is Yasmin’s hometown and both are very connected to there. Afterwards the two brides and all their guests from the ceremony drove to Munich where the new home of Yasmin and Petra is and had a amazing reception and party. They are living in an old farmhouse and spent a year to renovate the old stable so it made the perfect party location. Honestly – it was just perfect for their wedding day and you could feel their heart in every detail, no matter where you looked.

Ingo and I totally loved to be a part of this very special wedding and we are happy for not only having met an amazing couple as our customers but also having found two lovely humans as our new friends.

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